Tampa, Then and Now App

TC-logo-120The new Tampa, Then and Now app offers a journey back in time for iPhone and Android phone users. It allows mobile users the ability to compare more than 150 old photographs from the city to recent ones, taken from the exact same angle. After the success of several other ‘Then and Now’ apps, including Paris and Vancouver, Tampa visitors and residents can now too travel back in time!

“As a Tampa native, I wanted to see how the city has changed over the years. As a photographer, I wanted to photograph the area’s modern scenery. What was initially a quick snapshot soon turned into a methodical reproduction of scenes from all over the city” said Bryan Weinstein of www.TampaChanging.com, the creator and photographer of Tampa, Then and Now’s content, who partnered with the French company MyCityBefore to create the app.
Tampa - Historic-Superposition
Just like for the other cities’ app, the user first defines a notification range from the home screen which allows them to be automatically notified when getting close to an available “then and now” place. In the “find” tab, the user can locate the closest places using the list, map, or augmented reality views. They can also look directly for a specific place by using the search tool. One of the main features for each “then and now” place is the augmented reality tool, which allows users to superpose the old photograph on their phone’s camera to take their own “then and now” photo.

Users not only enjoy beautiful historic and modern photographs, but also brief anecdotes so they can learn more about the location’s history. The app’s content will evolve and expand as new historic locations are regularly added.

Tampa, Then and Now is now available for $1.99 and is available worldwide on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Then and Now apps for other cities are under construction, the next one being for Toronto.

Please visit www.MyCityBefore.com and www.TampaChanging.com for more Tampa, Then and Now information, including videos and screenshots of the app.

To download the app, visit: http://bit.ly/thennowapps

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