Tampa History Book Signing August 7

Email from the author of a new Tampa history book called Vintage Tampa Signs and Scenes:

Hello Tampa Preservation!

I wanted to share with you news of a book signing planned for Aug 7th. I know this is short notice, but it really is a special event for those interested in historic preservation.
I do not know if you have heard about the book I authored, “Vintage Tampa Signs and Scenes”. This book project has been a historic preservation project that I have been working on for over 11 years. The book is an amazing collection of 1950s photos restored and preserved.

My next signing will be at the former Pickford’s Sundries Drugstore on West Hillsborough Ave. That store is another historic preservation project and a model for the success of such an undertaking by a small business owner to restore a vintage Tampa landmark. I hope that you can spread the word among your membership, and please do let everyone know about these two preservation efforts.

I would be happy to provide you more details if you like. I also would like to share some of my photos with you sometime, for your membership to enjoy if you like. I have a close relationship with the new Tampa Bay History Center. I am a benefactor there for many historic items.

With Best Regards,
John V Cinchett

Author of the new book”Vintage Tampa Signs and Scenes”
Available now in all bookstores
See Tampa in the Fabulous 1950s!
Over 200 photos never before seen!!

For more information and to purchase the book (as well as to see great images of Tampa) go to http://www.tampapix.com/

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