Macaroni Factory Demolition Request – Ybor City

The attorney for the owner of the G. R. Ferlita Macaroni Factory, 1607-09 N. 22nd Street, has notified Barrio Latino Commission (BLC) staff that he will be going forward with the request to demolish the building at the December 15, 2009 BLC public hearing. The Ferlita Macaroni Factory is a contributing historic building located in the Ybor City National Landmark District and Local Historic District and was constructed in 1925.

City preservation staff has worked diligently to facilitate the possibility of a non-profit assuming ownership of the property, but the owner is choosing to move through the demolition process at this time since the owner and non-profit have not been able to come to terms. Accordingly, the property owner has determined that demolition is his only option.

The request for demolition of this building is the result of years of neglect, meaning that it has been allowed to deteriorate with no remedial steps taken to maintain the building. Although the city has created a more effective code to deal with demolition by neglect, the deterioration of the Ferlita Macaroni Factory has persisted for so many years that the changes to the processes came too late and the building is now in poor condition.

The hearing before the BLC is scheduled for next Tuesday, December 15, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. Please plan to attend the hearing. You will have the opportunity to address the BLC and provide your unique perspective as a representative of the community and your organization. In the event that this request for demolition is denied by the BLC and the property owner appeals the decision to City Council, you will be unable to speak at the appeal hearing unless you participate in the December 15 BLC hearing.

Please visit the following website to appreciate the unique history and persevering importance of preserving this building:

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