History Hunt #4

This building was once prominently located in downtown Tampa, as was the house you can see to the left. The large Italianate building has been replaced and the house has been relocated. The site now showcases a prominent Tampa landmark. Do you know where they once stood? The first correct guess wins a T-shirt from Tampa Preservation, Inc.

See the comments below for the answer.

Here is a map of the site as it looked in 1903 with the old City Hall building shown in the photo:

Map of Tampa City Hall in 1903
Map of Tampa City Hall 1915

6 Replies to “History Hunt #4”

  1. This building is the old Tampa City Hall, which was located at 315 Lafayette and annex at 300 Florida Ave.

  2. Congrats to Holly, who wins a T-shirt with historic Tampa image! Now for the bonus: where is the house seen to the left now located?

  3. i am looking for a photo of Tampa’s first store. it was owned by my gg grandfather Stephen B Knight and Captain William Henderson 1870 or so??


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