Hyde Park has one of the largest and most cohesive collections of early 20th century residential architecture in the United States. In order to publicize this national treasure regionally and nationally, the Historic Hyde Park Neighborhood Association (HHPNA) intends to create a video to be introduced in conjunction with its annual Home Tour, as well as hold a related exhibit at the Tampa Bay History Center. Both will be entitled “Celebrate the Bungalow in Historic Hyde Park.” Of particular interest is Bungalow Terrace, a unique pedestrian street of bungalows that will be highlighted. While the overall focus of the 30 minute video will be on neighborhood architecture, the video will pay special homage to the bungalow. The video will use examples from homes in the neighborhood to illustrate the characteristics typical in a bungalow.

Once completed, the video will be available in CD format to area residents, regional preservation groups and media. The video would also be shown at the History Center during the period of the Exhibit. With the focus on the bungalow, the video would be a educational tool that would be of value to any community or anyone interested in this architectural style — anywhere in the US.
To further expand awareness of the unique characteristics of the neighborhood, Historic Hyde Park will prepare an exhibit in the Community Case at the Tampa Bay History Center scheduled for March 2010. The focus of the exhibit will also be on the history of the neighborhood and the characteristics of the bungalow.
In conjunction with the exhibition, Historic Hyde Park will create a teacher’s guide in order to involve children in the exhibition and teach them about architecture and history. The guide will be distributed to schools and parents.

Help Needed
To create the video and exhibit, Historic Hyde Park needs help with research and materials. Any photos or other artifacts of the Historic Hyde Park neighborhood from before 1935, particularly of bungalows or bungalow related, would be much appreciated. This would include Historic Hyde Park post cards, interior images (i.e. family photos, including weddings, etc.) or garden views of bungalows before 1935.

Please contact Del Acosta if you have materials or can otherwise help — del.acosta@verizon.net or (813) 817-6254.

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