History Hunt #5

This 1924 street scene shows an intersection in the northern end of downtown Tampa that had already changed dramatically by 1931. There are several significant downtown historic landmarks remaining in the vicinity, two of which have been part of an ongoing preservation struggle. A historic 3-story brick building with an interesting history replaced the 2-1/2 story rooming house but the building on the left is now gone. A free t-shirt will be given to the first person who correctly guesses where this photo was taken.

Tampa historic photo

Asa a side note: notice the small railroad crossing tower on posts on the right side of the photo. They were once common throughout the Tampa, located at major intersections. For some more information and images, see this post. We are not aware of any remaining towers in Tampa, so if you know of one, please let us know.

History Hunt #4

This building was once prominently located in downtown Tampa, as was the house you can see to the left. The large Italianate building has been replaced and the house has been relocated. The site now showcases a prominent Tampa landmark. Do you know where they once stood? The first correct guess wins a T-shirt from Tampa Preservation, Inc.

See the comments below for the answer.

Here is a map of the site as it looked in 1903 with the old City Hall building shown in the photo:

Map of Tampa City Hall in 1903
Map of Tampa City Hall 1915

Burgert Brothers 2010 Calendar

The Friends of the Library of Tampa-Hillsborough County, Inc. and the Tampa Bay History Center are pleased to present the 13th edition of the historic photographic Burgert Brothers 2010 Calendar. The 2010 Calendar celebrates the 100th anniversary of the opening of the E. Regensburg & Sons cigar factory in Ybor City.

The Calendar cover sponsor is J.C. Newman Cigar Company – occupant of the factory since 1953 and the last of the great Tampa cigar factories. The cover features a 1951 Burgert photograph of the 100 year old building, also known as “El Reloj” because of its majestic clock tower. Monthly historic facts about the history of Tampa’s cigar industry are included on each month’s calendar.

The Burgert Brothers 2010 Calendar is the perfect holiday gift, and is available for sale at all Hillsborough County public libraries and at the Tampa Bay History Center for $5.00. The Calendar is also available at Barnes & Noble bookstores in Hillsborough County, Inkwood Books, and the H.B. Plant Museum. Proceeds from the sale of the Calendar benefit the Friends of the Library and the Tampa Bay History Center.

The Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection contains almost 15,000 images of the Tampa Bay area. Photographs from the late 1800s to the late 1950s provide a visual historic record of Tampa’s people and places. The collection is housed in the History & Genealogy Department of the John F. Germany Public Library at 900 N. Ashley Drive in downtown Tampa, and is open to the public. The images are cataloged in the library’s collection and are available online through the Library’s Web page,http://www.hcplc.org/. Reprints are available from a local photographic studio.

The calendar can be ordered online through the Tampa Bay History Center online store at: http://tampabay.tamretail.net/

Exciting New Then and Now Webpage

Burgert Brothers Then & Now

Burgert Brothers Then & NowTPI is very pleased to have added a new Then and Now webpage featuring an exciting new project by Tampa native Bryan Weinstein. Bryan searches through the historic Burgert Brothers photograph collection for interesting shots of buildings, then locates the site and rephotographs it from the same vantage point and posts it on his beautiful Tampa Changing website. The photos are an interesting study in preservation and history; some properties have barely changed, while others are only barely recognizable after major renovations and additions.

Bryan has kindly allowed his collection to be fed into the TPI website, allowing you to see which photos he has recently rephotographed, and linking to the new images. Therefore you will be continually updated each time Bryan adds a new rephotograph to the collection. We look forward to seeing the evolution of Tampa through photos!

Bryan hopes the Tampa Changing project will become a collaborative effort, with volunteers helping to find suitable Burgert Brother photos in the Tampa-Hillsborough Library Collection, locating the place the photo was taken, and rephotographing the site. For more information on helping, see the Tampa Changing site.

Tampa’s Photographers: Burgert Brothers

Rome Avenue

Rome AvenueEver wish you knew what a historic house or building looked like when it was first built? Thanks to the Burgert Brothers, you have a chance of finding out without tracking down relatives of the building’s early owners in search of old photos.

The Burgerts were three generations of photographers who captured Tampa images from the 1880s until the 1960s. The photograph legacy they provided gives insight into the people, places and events that made Tampa unique among Florida cities. Roughly 15,000 Burgert Brothers photographs are available at the main Tampa branch of the Hillsborough County Library, with most also available online.  While primarily professionally commissioned work for businesses, you may find a photo of your historic home among the collection since homeowners and builders did use their services.

An interesting history of the Burgert Brothers family and business can be found online at http://www.tampapix.com/burgert.htm complete with many of their interesting photographs.

Burgert Brothers Calendar

The new 2009 Burgert Brothers Calendar celebrates the Tampa Bay Hotel, its history, and its preservation. The calendar is produced to raise funds to preserve and restore the Burgert Brothers Historic Photographic Collection while educating the public about this wonderful documentation of our community’s past. Calendars can be purchased for $5.00 at all Hillsborough County Branch Libraries and at the Tampa Bay History Center. They are also available at Inkwood Books and local Barnes and Noble bookstores.

The Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection is an archive of approximately 15,000 local Tampa Bay area images taken from the late 1800s to the late 1950s. Images are available on-line at the Hillsborough County Public Library website. The library catalog can be searched by keyword through the library’s website at www.hcplc.org. The originals are located in the History & Genealogy Department of the John F. Germany Public Library in downtown Tampa and are available for research by the public. Reprints of the photographs from the negatives are available through a local photography studio. Ordering procedure and prices are also available on the library’s website.