“This Old Wasteful House’

The New York Times recently published an interesting and though-provoking op-ed article by Richard Moe, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation related to energy consumption, job creation and neighborhood revitalization. The article discusses why historic buildings are a critical component of the search to be more energy efficient and gives tips on how owners of historic homes can proceed with “greening” their residences without losing historic character.

In a related NYT article, entitled “How Green is My House“, homeowners are given some additional ideas for saving energy, generally relying on low tech solutions. Most ideas are easy to implement such as adding insulation and caulking wall openings, while others are less practical, particularly for owners of historic homes such as planting a roof garden. Lucky for many historic homeowners, many of the best energy savings ideas are already implemented such as wide eaves and porches to shade from Florida’s sun, and big, operable windows with screens to capture cooling breezes.

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