Oldest House in Tampa for Sale

Oldest house in TampaMany thanks to James Singleton for letting TPI and others at the Preservation Roundtable meeting know that what may be the oldest house in Tampa is up for sale. Located at 3210 E. 8th Avenue, the house was built in 1842, at the tail end of the Second Seminole War. It was originally built by a Dr. Stringer, and in 1914, bought by Imbodin Stalnaker who had it disassembled and transported to the town of Gary, where it remains today. The Gary Post Office was established in 1898 and the official plat was filed in 1903. The City of Gary was incorporated between 1915 to 1919 and was annexed by the City of Tampa in 1923.

The house has been altered over the years but the overall form is intact. The asking price has been reduced to $22,000. Ideally it would be purchased by someone who appreciates the history of the house and would restore it.

For some interesting research on this house, please see this post on the Tampanian blog.

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  1. The house was actually built by the grandfather of Dr. Stringer. I do hope that who ever purchases this house has a real passion for history. Its the only structure left from early Tampa, originally located 2 blocks north of old Fort Brooke. Also, its one of just a hand-full of structures that survived the great hurricane of 1848. If only the walls could speak….just think of the history it has seen.

  2. I had actually started to check into this house when I found this post. I was just wondering what kind of restrictions and guidelines would be required in the preservation/ restoraion of this home?

    I obviously would want to keep the history intact as much as possible. Just don’t want to run into a situation where restrictions would hinder the work done.

    1. I don’t believe this house has been individually designated nor is it within a historic district. Therefore it would have no restrictions on what can be done to it. You should verify this info with Dennis Fernandez or Ron Vila at the City of Tampa Historic Preservation office though. There are some benefits to having the house designated, including the ad valorem tax abatement that gives a 10 year property tax freeze on the property that you may want to discuss with them as well. If you decide to rehab the house, we’d love to do a story in the TPI newsletter on the project. We wish you the best of luck!

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