2012 Florida Trust Most Endangered Applications

Florida Trust for Historic PreservationKnow of a historic resource that we are in danger of losing through development pressure, demolition by neglect, or other means? Nominate it to the 2012 Florida Most Endangered list to help raise public awareness and hopefully save the resource. All applications are accepted online only.  The deadline for the Program Nominations is February 29, 2012. Tampa’s unprotected cigar factories have made past lists.

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  1. The Cuscaden Cafe at the corner of 15th Street and 21st Ave. (aka Floribraska) located near the East Tampa and Ybor Heights neighborhood.

    Historic building that is only partially being used by the (elderly) owner. Original quasi-Mediterranean architecture.

    The Cuscaden Cafe was a huge part of the history of this neighborhood. People from the park (located across the street and home of the beautiful Art Deco Cuscaden Pool) would come in for a snack, a drink or some candy. The original chrome bar and stools are still in place! It could still be used in the same way today. There is also a room that was used as a barber shop (something that would still be useful) as well as a two-bay garage that could easily be turned into a retail space (such as a bodega).

    This historic building could be put into use again!

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