Imminently endangered but available as a reconstruction: Addison Mizner’s La Ronda

A grand historic resource by one of Florida’s most important historic architects, Addison Mizner is available through deconstruction/ reconstruction. The Mediterranean Revival mansion La Ronda, was Addison Mizner’s final architectural commission in 1929, and is presently located in the Philadelphia Main Line area.The building is 17,041 Sq Feet with beautiful gardens, terraces and fountains. It features 51 rooms with graceful archways, balconies and staircases, cut coral keystones, deeply carved ceiling tiles, cast concrete details, antique stair treads, garden wall capstones, a hidden bar, many elevated hearth fireplaces… There are 200 photographs available as well as the floor plan, specs and drawings in Mizner’s own hand. The building is presently completely intact and in exquisite condition.

Every heritage feature that can be reasonably saved will be carefully and meticulously handled for preservation opportunities. The primary goal is to find a permanent refuge for its elements, a refuge which will hopefully keep as many elements together as architectural artistry can devise. The highest hope is to locate a steward who will rescue all salvageable architectural components for the purpose of reconstructing the glory of this architectural majesty in its entirety. The second choice will be to preserve entire rooms for glorious reconstruction in a re-conceptualization. For information, please contact Jona Harvey of the Architectural Salvage Network.

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