Hillsborough County Historic Preservation Matching Grant Program

Hillsborough County’s Historic Preservation Matching Grant Program is designed to financially assist owners of not-for-profit designated local Landmarks (including private homes) in unincorporated Hillsborough County in performing exterior preservation and restoration activities. This matching grant is intended to encourage property owners of resources listed in the County’s Historic Resources Inventory to seek Landmark designation for their property, and to promote the preservation and restoration of Landmarks.

Eligible property owners may submit one grant application per year for each property, requesting a minimum amount of $1,500 and a maximum amount of $25,000 per application. The grant awarded cannot exceed one-half of the project’s overall costs, and property owners are required to match 100% of the grant awarded in cash or like-kind services (material and/or professionally rendered labor). Grant recipients are required to complete the project within one year of the award agreement date.

Projects qualified for the matching grant include but are not limited to: foundation walls, exterior siding, windows and exterior doors, roof repair or replacement, structural work, removal/disposal of exterior lead paint, and preventative maintenance, including termite damage. Architectural and engineering services for qualified projects may be included as a reasonable part of the overall approved project. Qualified projects must comply with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings.

Contact the County’s Historic Preservation Planner in at (813) 272-5920 for more information regarding qualified projects and for an application packet. Applications received before July 31 and reviewed by the Historic Resources Review Board (HRRB) prior to September 30 may be considered for the following fiscal year, which begins October 1. Applications may be received for consideration during the current fiscal year; however, applicants should be aware that the obligations of the County are subject to the availability of funds appropriated annually for this grant program. The current budget includes $50,000 for this fiscal year.

Applications should be submitted to the Hillsborough County Historic Preservation Planner for an initial determination of eligibility. Eligible applications are forwarded to the HRRB for review and evaluation. The HRRB recommends successful applications to the Board of County Commissioners for award approval.Upon completion of the project, an inspection is made based on scope of work outlined in the grant award agreement to ensure compliance with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards. The Planning and Growth Management Department will authorize one payment disbursing the grant award to the applicant upon project completion. Documentation of project expenses (including the owner’s matching portion) will be required prior to grant disbursement.

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