Who is Creating Jobs in Florida?

A recent post on the National Trust for Historic Preservation website is entitled “Who is Creating Jobs in America?” Directed at the proposed elimination of the Save America’s Treasures Grant fund, the article provides a state by state breakdown of how the fund compares in job creation to the stimulus plan. Of great interest are the numbers for Florida that show that the grant fund creates jobs for a fraction of the cost:
  • $ From Stimulus Plan: $9,040,756,932
  • Jobs From Stimulus Plan: 34,887
  • $/Job: $259,144
  • $ From Save America’s Treasures (SAT): $5,084,318
  • Matching Funds: $7,481,293
  • Total Project Cost: $12,565,611
  • Jobs From SAT: 270
  • SAT $/Job: $18,815
To see the whole article and the parameters used to generate the costs, see http://www.preservationnation.org/issues/community-revitalization/jobs/.



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