Preservation Roundtable – June 2016

The PRESERVATION ROUNDTABLE will meet on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1 at 9:00 AM in the Conference Room of Tampa Union Station.
Please Note:  The Station does not open until after our meeting.  The guard will be available to unlock the door (usually the side door) to let us in.  Should you need to reach the guard to unlock the door please call 758-5781.

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  1. To Whom It May Concern
    Tampa preservation
    My name is Mimi Kaperak and it was brought to my attention that a house on the corner of E.Chelsea and Downing almost 120 or130 yrs old. It was built in either 1888 or
    1898. The address is 1215 E.Chelsea Tampa Florida.
    The man I was talking to about the home, lives across the str.& knows alot about the house & it’s History. He was familar with the last family that lived there.He has done alot of work on that house the beginning of this year. He was very passionate about the house and all the work that he’s done. He spoke about a library that was never completed on the second floor. It was absolutely beautiful the carpentry work in the windows.
    Since it’s been empty,he said kids have thrown rocks windows busting them. With the stories he told me, I almost cried several times.
    I spoke to an Elaine at the Historical Society on this past Monday.
    The house has already been stripped of some aluminum. I would appreciate if possible to save and preserve this house that was a home for many,many families over the past century or at least Stop the continued stripping of it because it has Alot of the Original wood & construction.
    I believe that this house would be a Great Historical Edition to the many sites that Tampa already has.
    Sincerely, A Friend of The Greater Tampa & Tampa Bay Area.
    Thank you in advance for your consideration.
    Mimi Kaperak

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