City of Tampa Property at 1713 Columbus Drive – Available for sale

The City of Tampa has listed a property at 1713 E. Columbus Drive, with a relocated historic home, for sale and renovation within the Ybor City/ Barrio Latino Historic District.

The Advertisement, Proposal Form and Land Sales Agreement, necessary to Bid on the Request for Proposal, are available at the City of Tampa’s website:

There will also be an open house available to view a portion of the house on Friday, October 13th, 2017 from 9 am – 12 noon.

Please go to our website to find information you need to place a bid, or call Serena Brydon, 274-7232 for more information.


WWM Historic Homes Workshop 2017

The WWM Historic Homes Workshop holds its 9th annual event February 10th through 18th at the Wood Window Makeover campus located at 1706 W. Cypress St, 33606. Old house professionals from across the nation converge and unite to empower the next generation of old house lovers. With over 80,000 buildings in the Tampa Bay area that are historic/vintage/old, there’s 80,000 reasons to come to the Historic Homes Workshop. More information is available at workshop, or contact Steve Quillian at 813-404- 6498

The workshop begins Friday, February 10 at 6:00 pm with a catered kick-off party to allow guest to meet and network. Saturday morning beginning at 9:00am, the Historic Homes Workshop showcases “how to” sessions with the professionals. Some of the sessions feature guests from out of town, such as Craig Bennett from Bennett Preservation Engineering in Charleston, South Carolina, Amy Swift from Building Hugger in Detroit, Michigan and Ty McBride from Wood Window Rescue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Other sessions feature local favorites such as Scott Sidler, the best-selling author and preservation contractor of Austin Home Restorations in Orlando, Jo-Anne Peck of Historic Shed in Brooksville and Steve Quillian from Wood Window Makeover in Tampa. The cost to attend these two days is $50.

Consistent with America’s recent cultural shift to the trades, the Historic Homes Workshop’s main draw is the “Hands-On” element that begins Sunday morning, February 12 at 8:00am at the Seminole Heights United Methodist Church in Tampa. This is our “Pros teaching Joes.” Historic Window Preservation Professionals from all over Florida and the United States are coming together to donate their time and skills to teach participants how to bring old windows back to life, by actually restoring the windows on the church building. Over the past two years, participants have donated almost $40,000 worth of restoration services.

Three people who have attended the “Hands-On” element actually started their own window restorations business in Tampa Bay this year, making Tampa a hot spot for historic window restoration and Historic Preservation. The cost to attend these three days is $200. Bill Hunter, secretary of the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association said about the 2015 Historic Homes Workshop, “I enjoyed your window event very much. It was a great experience and I learned a great deal. Please let me know of any future ones like it.”

To conclude the Historic Homes Workshop, host Wood Window Makeover will train participants in all aspects of the historic window restoration business, from basic mechanics and restoration procedures to marketing strategies and practical business administration. The goal is to certify participants and set them up to begin earning money right away in the blossoming window restoration trade. Cost to attend these 9 days is $2500.

The goal of the Historic Homes Workshop has always been to empower those who love old buildings with knowledge of materials and methods they need to care for their buildings. With 80,000 historic/vintage/old buildings in the Tampa Bay area alone, a new goal of empowering and equipping the next generation of those who love old buildings has begun. Steve Quillian, founder of Wood Window Makeover and the Historic Homes Workshop, has made it his personal goal for each historic neighborhood to have a competent historic window restorer of its own.

Quick Facts about the Historic Homes Workshop:

  •  This is the 9 th Annual Historic Homes Workshop
  •  February 10th -18th, 2016
  •  16 Useful workshop sessions on Saturday, Feb. 11
  •  Hand-on Pros and Joes workshop Sunday, Feb 12
  •  Donated over $35,000 the past two years, more this year.
  •  Professionals from across the United States contribute
  •  People from as far away as Canada come to attend.

About the Historic Homes Workshop: An event that brings a broad spectrum of people together to empower them to love old buildings. More information and registration is at workshop