History Hunt #5

This 1924 street scene shows an intersection in the northern end of downtown Tampa that had already changed dramatically by 1931. There are several significant downtown historic landmarks remaining in the vicinity, two of which have been part of an ongoing preservation struggle. A historic 3-story brick building with an interesting history replaced the 2-1/2 story rooming house but the building on the left is now gone. A free t-shirt will be given to the first person who correctly guesses where this photo was taken.

Tampa historic photo

Asa a side note: notice the small railroad crossing tower on posts on the right side of the photo. They were once common throughout the Tampa, located at major intersections. For some more information and images, see this post. We are not aware of any remaining towers in Tampa, so if you know of one, please let us know.

History Hunt #4

This building was once prominently located in downtown Tampa, as was the house you can see to the left. The large Italianate building has been replaced and the house has been relocated. The site now showcases a prominent Tampa landmark. Do you know where they once stood? The first correct guess wins a T-shirt from Tampa Preservation, Inc.

See the comments below for the answer.

Here is a map of the site as it looked in 1903 with the old City Hall building shown in the photo:

Map of Tampa City Hall in 1903
Map of Tampa City Hall 1915

History Hunt #3

This now demolished large building was located in downtown Tampa. Can you guess where it was? The train tracks in the image might get you in the vicinity, although they stop short of this location today. This large rectangular building looks like it would have made a great downtown office building had it survived through the years.

Burgert Brothers photo
This now-demolished building once graced downtown Tampa

History Hunt #2 w/ Answer

This castle-like brick building was demolished and a modern building now sits on the lot in downtown Tampa. Any guesses where it was? Can you imagine it in downtown Tampa still? What might it have been reused as today? Would it serve as a destination that locals and visitors would want to visit?


This is how the same site at the corner or Kennedy and Morgan in downtown Tampa looks today (via Google Earth images):

Incorrect image – see comments below for a link

History Hunt w/ Answer

After seeing an interesting architectural game that the Preservation Resource Center was playing with New Orleans fans on Facebook, we thought we’d try a similar one here in Tampa. The game is a combination of architectural scavenger hunt where photos of architectural details are posted and fans guess which building the image comes from, and also a query using historic images of places that have been altered significantly over time (or even demolished). We will post an image a week and give clues as needed for the more difficult ones.

Our first image is of a building that has been demolished. Do you know where it was?

For the answer, go to http://www.tampachanging.com/gallery/azeele-and-hyde-park/. Many thanks to Bryan at Tampa Changing for going out and photographing this today (and for providing the historic photo).